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The initial listing of news on how technology is used by consumers or in popular media culled from a variety of sources we monitor on a regular basis.

We'd love to see your clippings here as well! Please use the edit this page button to add more, or add comments on how or why you think they may or may not be important. As is the convention throughout the Horizon Project Wiki, we ask you to identify items you think are of high interest to us, as I have done here by typing 4 tilde (~) characters-- - Michele.Cummins Michele.Cummins Jul 25, 2016 - Jean-Pierre.Berthet Jean-Pierre.Berthet Jul 27, 2016 . This will help us to sift through the articles and determine which ones resonate most strongly with the board as a whole.

Recommended Reading

  • 4 Higher Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016
    Big data will become critical to enhancing security; micro experiences will help universities target students; marketing automation will become more sophisticated; website design based on scrolling instead of clicking (for mobile devices). - helga helga Aug 1, 2016 Two of the major points of this article was related to website design. While it is important, I do not think these are significant game changers. Big Data Analytics has not met its prediction in 2016 and I think that it may not reach the maximum in 2017 yet, at least in Asia (in general) - nacha_sockalingam nacha_sockalingam Aug 30, 2016
  • 8 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016
    Trends to keep an eye on include: Algorithmic personality detection; bots; glitches; backdoors; blockchain; drone lanes; quantum computing; and augmented knowledge. - helga helga Aug 1, 2016 - paul.turner paul.turner Aug 4, 2016 Interesting and a different type of trends list than the average - deone.zell deone.zell Interesting article but it is very high level and generic. Seeing the relevance for Higher Ed is a bit abstract on some of the suggestions. - nacha_sockalingam nacha_sockalingam Aug 30, 2016
  • 9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016
    Commentary on the following trends: makerspaces, competency-based education, virtual reality, data analytics & machine learning, accessibility, mobile first, wearables, video, & wireless infrastructure.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jul 30, 2016Competency based ed and virtual reality instruction in the sciences is happening now - helga helga Aug 1, 2016 - paul.turner paul.turner Aug 4, 2016 This is a great article that captures the important technologies- this is more closer to reality and in some ways not too futuristic. If we talk about predicting accuracies on 2017 trends ( and come back to look at it in 2018), this is likely to be one of the closest bets. ~