Given predictions that AR and VR will merge, one can forsee a time when students can chose to immerse or augment based on a flick of a button which changes the views and environments in any given realm. - deone.zell deone.zell Oct 1, 2016

On Mixed Reality and our awesome future from Magic Leap - mayaig mayaig Oct 2, 2016
Opportunity to personalise experience of learning, everyone ultimately have their own version of reality. - DaveP DaveP Oct 2, 2016
Should we break out AR as a separate category, or is it entirely folded into Mixed Reality (MR)?
I'd suggest to change Augmented Reality instead of Mixed Reality - jreinoso jreinoso Sep 11, 2016
Yes, Augmented Reality should be on the list. MR should stay also. We continue to see application developed for AR. At some point in the future the terminology may change completely. In fact, recently Intel introduced Merged Reality for their version of interactive VR. - mayaig mayaig Sep 24, 2016 - lkoster lkoster Sep 30, 2016
I suggest that Augmented Reality should be its own category. We are seeing tools for the creation of augmented experiences being made easier to use. Pokeymon Go is an example of how engaging this technology can be. In the future we will be increasingly using this technology in classrooms, outside of classrooms, as a medium for student creation, as a medium for explanation and instruction, and as an industrial tool. We currently know little about good design with Augmented Reality, but someone will probably address this gap in our knowledge in the near future. - doug.hearrington doug.hearrington Oct 2, 2016- deone.zell deone.zell Oct 2, 2016 Medium term, 2-3 years. - bryan.alexander bryan.alexander Oct 3, 2016 Completely agree that this should be a separate category and I suspect it may, in fact, be one of the most significant items on our one-year horizon. Augmented Reality is one of the biggest and somehow under-noticed bits of technology consistently expanding within our learning landscapes,which is amazing given how many millions of people are having their first Augmented Reality experiences through Pokemon Go. I suspect Pokemon Go will be the (potentially unacknowledged) game-changer that pushes AR into mainstream education and many of aspects of contemporary life: by making people comfortable with how AR works and enticing them into a somewhat entertaining use of AR, it might make significantly larger numbers of learners and learning facilitators more open to using AR in learning. - paul.signorelli paul.signorelli Oct 3, 2016 Agreed. Some of us have been talking about this for years. Grumble grumble. - bryan.alexander bryan.alexander Oct 3, 2016 - alexandra.pickett alexandra.pickett Oct 5, 2016 [Editor's Note: Combined with Existing RQ1 tech development Mixed Reality.]